What does it really mean to Live the Cougar Life today

What does it really mean to Live the Cougar Life today

Women who are confident and confident women who are aware of what they want from life.

From getting promoted to finding a younger man to go out for a night, Cougar Life is all about living life to the highest degree.

"The Modern Cougar is the inspiration for Cougar Life's latest television campaign:

The Modern Cougar

The new version goes far beyond the television show Cougar Town, and it's certainly not your mom's Cougar bar.

Anyone could be anyone can be a cougar from a top-notch professional or soccer mother. Cougars are available in different shapes and sizes, as well as age! Check out our list of .

There is no age minimum to become an Cougar. The typical age range on Cougar Life is 5 to 9 years old. Our members vary from 35 to 65 years old.

Men who are younger and date more mature, attractive women are affectionately known by the name of "Cubs." Sometimes , there's just a five-year difference between the cougar as well as her cub. However, but sometimes it's even 20 (or greater).

It doesn't really matter so long as everyone is aware of what they're looking for and the kind of product they're receiving.

Bring their experiences in their lives (and relationships) and maturity, their self-confidence (in and outside of the bedroom) and the capacity to look at the larger overall. They tend to tend to take better care of themselves whether it's exercising to cooking a home-cooked dinner when they're feeling hungry (and sharing the food with their child if they're lucky). They aren't distracted by the small things, prefer to stay away from the drama, and are able to deal of their life, hobbies and friendships.

Cubs are, on their own are full of enthusiasm and energy that go along with young people. They're generally more open-minded than their elders more tolerant, less judgmental and can see the humor in any circumstance.

Whatever it is that you enjoy about being with young men. If the past has given us any lessons is that you're not all on your own. You'll be able to find a group of people who share the same values and are open to a broad variety of experiences. They are embracing Cougar relationships due to having experienced the benefits of Cougars directly.

We're working hard to dispel old stereotypes, to reclaim the word "Cougar", and reclaim the old cliché of the by revealing the truth and the real people who live the Cougar/Cub life.

Although the use of"cougar" as a term Cougar to describe age-related dating is not new, it's not a new phenomenon that older women are attracted to younger men, but not by a longshot.

According to a study, the most famous relationship between older women and younger men across time include:

But that's not all.

The statistics show that relationships between cougars and cubs are not new.

We've heard that women enjoy being with younger men due to the fact that they're less insecure about relationships and love They have a new perspective of life and are willing to play and have fun. We also are aware that younger men are drawn to older women due to their confidence and self-esteem and their experience in life.


With more than 7 million members and increasing it is the largest dating site that focuses on introducing older women and men. Cubs and cougars can connect on

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